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The Ultimate Mission:
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You Can Grow Your Business with Our Brand of Lead Generation

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with more than 2 billion users. And people like to spend a lot of time on it, whether all at once or periodically throughout the day. This means there are billions and billions of eyes constantly scrolling through posts, videos, photos, status updates, and, yes, advertisements.

Google is another popular platform, with some reports measuring daily usage in the billions, and minute-by-minute usage in the millions. Whenever people search for movies, restaurants, emergency plumbing services… or Construction Services… it’s a good idea to make sure you have some visibility to leverage this kind of high-intent shopping.

When it comes to advertising, there are no companies in the world that have more data about their users than the Big Two: Facebook and Google. That data includes much more than just your age, gender, and alma mater. While those things are valuable for marketing purposes, the Big Two also know which websites you visit and how often, how much time you spend doing various things online, and what you purchase. From a business marketing standpoint, that stuff is gold. And thankfully it’s right there for the taking, if you know where to find it and how to use it. That’s where Data Max Tech comes into play.

Our goal is to utilize this experience and knowledge as expert marketing professionals.  We want to help you realize the potential in Digital Marketing to grow a customer base, retain those customers, and bring new ones on board.

We Limit How Many Clients We Work With…

We want to provide you with the best possible service and outcome with our lead generation.  Therefore we only choose to work with a maximum of two clients per geographic location. We don’t want to oversaturate our service in your market.


This will be one of the best investments you
will make in your business.

How We Work


Strategy + Action

Having a plan is only one piece of the puzzle…


Facebook and Google are much more than useful websites and phone apps. In fact, they can be huge resources for your Construction Firm if used properly. Let us show you how we can do that for you.

Identify The Audience


First and foremost, Data Max Tech needs to know everything we can about your existing customer base. This includes what kind of habits they have, whether on social media and elsewhere online. We use this information to inform our approach for attracting new customers.


Figure Out The Right Approach


After identifying your audience, we will figure out how to most effectively communicate with them. What do they respond to and why? This also shapes future marketing ideas..

Scaling Your Campaign


There are many ways we will approach your Digital Marketing Strategy, but unless we are targeting the right audience, it will be a disaster. Here is a rundown of how we can scale your marketing on these platforms to maximize results:


We make sure that we are bringing you your ideal target client. You see, whenever we run advertising campaigns to generate leads for your company, we leverage custom advertising audiences to make sure the people who see our ad are the exact target market that you’re looking to do business with… People who could potentially be looking for a Construction Company in your area.


We target them by the exact geographic location, interests, demographics and other indicators that let us know they could be a potential client for you.


…So all in all, we try to bring you leads that have a higher chance of becoming high ticket sales and clients for you.


Twice As Nice


If we find that one advertisement did better than others, we will take note. That ad can be repackaged with a few modifications to look new again, and thus attract just as much attention as the first time.


Reporting & Monitoring


One of the major advantages of Digital Marketing is that we can measure just about everything. Once your campaigns have been running a while, there will be tons of data we can use. Data Max Tech will measure those analytics to generate reports about what’s working and what needs improving and present them to you on a monthly basis.

The Process


We specialize in one thing…Lead Generation

Steps to action


About this plan


Digital marketing campaigns are an ongoing process. We respond to what works and move on fast from what doesn’t work. We monitor and adjust, presenting reports to you on a monthly basis.

The Process, Step-by-Step


Step 1 | Discovery call

This is where we speak about the opportunity to help grow your business.


Step 2 | Assess if we’re a good fit

Sometimes our prospects tell us no, and honestly, sometimes we tell our prospects no. During our call, we’ll ask you some questions and answer any of yours to determine if a partnership makes sense.


Step 3 | Proposal 

If we mutually decide that a partnership would benefit both parties, we move on to the proposal stage, where we personalize your strategy and discuss pricing models.


Step 4 | Onboarding

After accepting the proposal, we collect information from you and lay out a timeline.


Step 5 | Lead Generation Campaign Setup

⦿  Facebook Business Page Setup or Management

⦿  Google Ads Account Setup or Management

⦿  Lead Capture Website Design & Setup

⦿  Lead Forwarding

⦿  Facebook and Google Ad Campaign Setup & Management

⦿  Detailed Audience Targeting

⦿  Optional: Lead Follow-up System


Step 6 | Campaign Launch

We should have the campaign launched within 10 business days after all the components to the campaign are setup, provided that all onboarding docs are completed in a timely manner.


Step 7 | Daily management

We closely monitor your campaign and make adjustments as needed to ensure the best strategy practices are in place and are at optimum performance.

Our Offer


 Here’s Why We Think You’ll Like Us

We’re a little different from the others

We don’t do long term contracts. Unlike some of the other big lead generation companies, we don’t lock you into a long, 12 month contract. We start out initially on a 90 day contract, because these things have a ramp up time. Everything after that is on a month-to-month basis. That way, you’re not locked into an eternity with us if for some reason you think we should part ways.

What’s More…

A lot of marketing companies out there run campaigns to get leads but then sell them to multiple companies… but the thing is, we see that as a mad grab for money, which makes Digital Marketers look like dirty used car salesman.

We don’t roll that way.

We ONLY provide exclusive leads, because we feel this is best for the end-client, as well as our clients. All of the leads we generate come EXCLUSIVELY to you and are not shared with anyone else.

But wait… There’s Even More…

A free month if we don’t deliver

If we don’t deliver at least 10 leads in a month for you… even if it’s just 9 leads… go ahead and keep the 9 leads and… we will refund you the total investment for that month, minus the Ad Spend (Ad Spend goes directly to the advertising platforms, i.e. Facebook/Google).

And Finally…

If you sign up with us on our FIRST call, we will waive your setup fee. That’s a HUGE value, one that we can’t display publicly because, well…

It’s HUGE.

We’re Ready to Get Started. Are You?

Now, we understand that you probably know this already, but…

Your future clients are out there, looking for your Construction Services.

Here’s where we come in: it’s highly likely those people are on Facebook and Google. We help businesses gain visibility on those platforms, and we do a pretty good job.

We can’t wait to start getting results for you as quick as possible to reiterate that you made the right decision.

But it all starts with making the right choice, right now: pick out a day and time below, so we can get started on your strategy as soon as possible!

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Disclaimer: All business entails risk as well as a massive and consistent effort and action. You could end up losing money by working with us, due to that nature of business. If you are not willing to accept that, please do not sign up for this service.

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