Property Managers

Apartment Complexes and Real Estate Agents

The Challenge

This client needed a platform solution that would integrate seamlessly with their digital offerings they could then roll out to thousands of property management clients.

They saw a clear advantage in offering reputation and listings  management solutions to their own clients. Oftentimes, their clients do not have the time to manage their online reputation themselves, or the knowledge and expertise on how to do so. Plus, with 90% of consumers relying on internet listings to research apartment listings, our client knew how essential a properly managed online reputation and presence was for their clients.

The Solution

The Reputation and Listings Management platforms our client integrated into their offerings are equipped with tools that help local businesses manage their online presence.

Our Reputation and Listings platforms allow businesses to:

  • Manage their online listings
  • Monitor and respond to business mentions across the web
  • Identify and correct inaccurate and duplicate online listings
  • Compare their online presence to industry competitors
  • Track their listing scores over time
  • Generate and manage reviews to boost their reputation
  • Monitor overall reputation and listing presence with weekly automatic reports


The Process

These online presence management services connect apartment communities with new leads through:

• Automatic listing updates to remove outdated and incorrect contact information
• Instant visibility on key directories and navigation systems like Waze and Google Maps
• Protection against unauthorized, lead-hijacking listing changes
• Improved listing accuracy so prospects can connect with their business instantly
• Improved listing score leading to better local SEO and findability


Do-It-Yourself Accounts:


Month-over-Month Review Volume Growth


Year-over-Year Review Volume Growth


Total Review Volume Growth Every Year


Average Yearly Listing Score Growth

Do-It-for-Me Accounts:


Month-over-Month Review Volume Growth


Year-over-Year Review Volume Growth


Total Review Volume Growth Every Year


Average Yearly Listing Score Growth

Managed Visibility Leads to 2180% Increase in Review Volumes

Tons of Value

Listing and Reputation management services have instant and long-term value for clients. It corrects mistakes in the short term and keeps businesses findable and trustworthy in the long term.

Something for Everyone

Clients were given choices between a Do It Yourself plan and a Do It for Me plan, based on budget and needs. While the DIFM plan showed much greater value, even the DIY plan greatly improved the online presence of our client’s own clientele. 

More Business

When client’s have their listings and reputation continuously checked for accuracy online, their presence drastically improves. Customers see these businesses as authoritative and trustworthy, and are more likely to do business with them.

Get results like these in your business.