Hotel Tourism

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The Challenge

In the digital age, researching a hotel thoroughly before your visit is a must, and so our client sought expert digital advertising services to turn their social media situation around.

With Facebook being the largest, most engaged social media platform on the internet, The Sapphire wanted to take advantage of its audience to promote their brand. The immediate goals were to:

• Build their presence on Facebook from the ground up
• Grow an audience of future customers to engage with
• And ultimately, drive room bookings and waterpark ticket sales

The Solution

Our team built a custom Facebook Page for the client, a hotel with attached waterpark, and began regular social posting with industry best practices. We also set up and ran Facebook Advertising campaigns to supplement traffic and exposure. Here’s the summary:

1. Build a new, well-designed and accurate Facebook Page.
2. Grow an audience on that page by following social media best practices with content supplied by the client
3. Facebook ad campaigns were used to drive traffic, boost promotions for exposure, and ultimately generate hotel bookings and sales.

Results at a Glance:


Day Timeframe

0 to 3,284

Page Likes


Ad Clicks


Calls & Messages

Viral Campaigns Lead to Boost in Brand Value


More than 245,000 impressions were achieved. Engagement was super high for this page’s posts and the viral nature helped with exposure to their ads.


Those impressions led to clicks: 5900+ according to our client. Of those clicks, 86 turned into leads, either in the form of messages on their page or direct calls to the hotel, to discuss accomodations and water park packages.

Brand Advocacy... Oh my!

Our client’s Facebook Page is a powerful business intelligence tool that allows them to gain insights about their audience. They now have a way to better serve their customers, who in turn have rewarded them with a 5 star average rating.

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