Case Study: Law Practice

Brick and Mortar Local Law Firm

The Challenge

Local legal firms need an edge to compete against the major players in their industry. If the late great Robert Vaughn is in the TV ads of the major law firms, then the small local firms definitely need help to strategically reach their target audience.

When this client came to us, they understood that they needed to be tactical with their advertising budget to compete with larger firms in their area. They knew that with digital advertising, they could specifically target the people who were looking for legal assistance at exactly the time they needed it most.

The Solution

Getting the phone to ring at the firm’s office was the goal. This clear conversion objective allowed our digital advertising team to optimize all campaigns around driving phone calls to the law firm.

The digital advertising fulfilment process for the client involved 3 core tactics to help drive calls:
1. Google Adwords campaign with programmatic bidding
2. Facebook ad campaigns
3. A customized, mobile-optimized landing page

Results at a Glance:


Day Timeframe


Ad Spend


Calls & Form Fills



18X ROAS from Digital Ads

Build Trust

First, the client needed infrastructure in place to collect leads. They chose a simple landing page, in order to focus on communication and put prospective clients at ease, instead of making them feel like they’re being sold to.

Keywords and Targeting

By picking tightly aligned keywords for Search Engine Marketing and optimally targeting their audience on social media, in 60 days they managed to generate 50 leads from only 560 link clicks.

Qualify and Convert

The simple Call to Action on the landing page combined with the intelligent digital ads meant that those 50 leads were highly qualified and ready to convert, making the closing process easy, which generated $40,000 in revenue.

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