Bridal Boutique

Brick and Mortar Retail Business

The Challenge

This client is a bridal boutique in the US that boasts a vast selection of brides and bridesmaids dresses. This particular location is part of a larger bridal franchise, yet under local ownership, faces many of the same struggles as other small local businesses.

To amplify their positive online reputation and attract more eager brides and wedding guests to their boutique, our client hired us to run a multi-channel advertising campaign.

TheĀ Solution

The digital advertising fulfilment process for this client involved five main tactics to help drive in-store visits to the establishment:

1. Google Adwords campaign with programmatic bidding
2. Review and location extensions
3. Customized mobile-optimized landing page
4. Programmatic display ads with geo fencing and conversion zones
5. Facebook ad campaigns

Results at a Glance:


Day Timeframe


Ad Spend


Calls & Store Visits



13.5X ROAS from Digital AdsĀ 


More than 88,000 impressions were achieved. That’s 88,000 times the ad was seen, all locally targeted individuals interested in bridal attire.

It Gets Better...

Those impressions led to clicks: 554 to be precise. Of those, 85 interacted with the website, generating 52 leads all in the span of 30 days.

Real Results

Those leads turned into $14,560, a 1353% return on ad spend.

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