End-to-End Strategy for Law Firm Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide for Digital Growth Strategies and Tactics in 2019

Written by Max

August 4, 2019


If you’re ready to stop chasing case leads, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re ready for more billable hours, welcome.

If you want to grow your firm, you might bookmark this page.

We’re going to give–yes, GIVE–you the best practices for bringing in new client leads every month.

You could even show this to your own marketing team, or hire a different one and ask them for these strategies. 

We’re OK with that.

But stick around for the end, and I’ll tell you why I think you’re going to want to work with us.

Ready? Let’s Go!

Here’s the Data Max Tech Strategy:

Using major search and social platforms, we drive prospective clients to your digital real estate. From there, we motivate them to leave contact information or contact you directly. Then someone collects that information, does a follow-up, and qualifies prospects for you. Now, you spend more time on billable hours (on your business) and less time with chasing clients (in your business).

Over the next few articles, we are going to lay this complete digital strategy out in plain English.

At a high level, we use the technology available to us today to strategically and, more importantly, automatically fill up your calendar with consultations. Because more consultations = more clients. And more clients = the growth you’ve been looking for.

There are 4 components to our strategy:

1. Web Development: Digital Real Estate

  • Build a website with landing pages, or
  • Conversion optimization for current pages

2. Marketing: Traffic

  • Paid Ads: Short Term Results (Quick Wins)
  • Search Engine Optimization: Middle Term Results (Dividends Over Time)

3. Referrals: Reputation Management

  • “Flywheel Effect”: Results that bring more results
  • Leverage Word of Mouth and Social Proof

4. Outsource: Duplicate your effort

  • Hire staff for admin work
  • Hire an Agency to take care of everything

And there it is. Honestly, there are some nuggets in there that are going to hurt a little to give away…

But it should be a non-issue.

Because… remember when I said I think you’re going to want to work with us?


If at any time you are reading our strategy, and you click through to book a call to work with us…

There will be an IRRESISTIBLE offer for you, one that we can’t put here out in the open.

Claim Your Law Firm Marketing Offer

Trust us. It’ll knock your fancy lawyer socks off. 

Stay tuned for the next piece to drop: 7 Best Practices for Law Firm Websites, 2019 (or How to Make A Law Firm Website that Converts in 2019).

It’s going to be 🔥🔥🔥.

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